Collection: Fearless50s: Walk with Genuine Wisdom and Bold Confidence

Diligence. Action. Authenticity. The boldness to step forth and be true to you. These are the makings of a beast that stands in their power and crushes the monotonous elements of doubt and fear. When we think about what it means to be empowered from years of challenges and triumphs, we refuse to put the burden in someone else's hands. Fearless50s represents what it means to tackle our deeply rooted inhibitions and embody the epitome of personal power. The landmark of reaching the half-century point illustrates our tenacity, our drive, and how well we exhibited the strong principles we developed from generations of family and heritage. We are the witnesses of fallout, the crusaders of life’s challenges, and we never backed down from conflict and rejection. With age and experience comes wisdom and understanding, and we refuse to allow anyone or practically anything, from outside or within, block our dreams, goals and blessings without a fight! No more wishing, wanting, waiting for some external source of will. Expand and ignite the passion that lives within. Wear it like a badge of honor. Freedom is living your life without fear and hesitation. And have fun with it!