Collection: Introducing Ju!sL!ve -- It Means Go For Yours!

Are you truly living? What does it mean to you to live? In a world of doubt, expectations, and worry, we are riddled with other people’s standards and bombarded with our own fears. Living is more than simply basic survival. It is more than giving into the mundane. Living is an act of bravery, strength, and confidence. Take an adventure, learn something new, make the call, take the risk. True courage is what it takes to move through life authentically. Live boldly, passionately and with fear, rather than be consumed by it. Grasp onto your failures and falls as lessons and get back up again, Happiness takes effort, sweat and work. Happiness requires your participation. Live to be happy, be true to you. This is Ju!sL!ve. Just Live! Enjoy the ride!