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What an honor it is to wear the crown of womanhood. Studded with grace, poise, distinction, and innovation. Today's woman is everything and then some. We all know one, in her quest to be the best mother, daughter, friend, executive she neglects to honor her health. Named after a great mother and grandmother, BabyRee is a women's wellness apparel brand and community. We honor the woman who fights tooth and nail to be there for her family, co-workers, team. We honor the woman who gives of herself every single day. Womanhood is more than the title you hold in other people's lives. It’s each woman's daily choice to nurture herself in, mind, body, and spirit. Embracing your femininity is more than a look. It’s the glow that radiates from within. The glow you only get when you choose yourself when you fill your cup. With each choice a woman makes in favor of her health, she chooses to heal humanity. Embrace your glow. Choose you. At any age. At any time. Let's heal our women so we can heal our world. Let’s encourage all women to strive beyond limits and become the most optimal and successful they can always be.  Be BabyRee!